In her latest literary offering, Norah Wilson gives readers a glimpse of her journey to awakening the spirit captive inside. This book narrates her journey as she goes through periods of fear, doubts and unbelief in life as a child and into early adulthood. Here, she details her experience of leaving her body (shell) and becoming a spirit while beholding the “Light” which told her secrets that changed her life with wisdom and knowledge.

This book titled “PROOF” goes beyond the power of suggestions; proving the element of surprise rests in the buxom of truth. You shall know the truth; but this truth shall be hidden to those who will not see through the eyes of wisdom! God makes truth so clear even a child that is prone to wonder will not err, and a fool that has no understanding of God will understand truth and believe “PROOF” that our O.L.B.A.C.

When does life begin? The question of when human life begins has been answered in a variety of ways by science and different religious and philosophical traditions throughout the ages, leading many to conclude the question cannot be definitively answered. Norah Wilson offers her input on the subject matter in which she believes that life begins at conception — when the egg is penetrated by the sperm and then, within 65 seconds, 46 chromosomes are cajoled by dopamine.

Dreams can be the very basic plans of life, disturbing the qualities of my five senses. I began witnessing many perplexing situations in life that would not relate to my common sense. A man speaks to me from standing at my side yet the shadow engulfs his body as he appears without a face! How can a man appear right beside me and have no face for me to see?

Everyone has them; nightmares. Only a few of us live through them to find out that the fear goes away. Then you can began to dream pleasant dreams again. Nevah does just that when her childhood sweet heart divorces her and the nightmare begins.

Wintry snow driven days being perfect companions for pondering as Odessah finds her screaming thoughts; full of questions—like who is this handsome man in her bedroom? Where is Robert Link?

In this volume, join Nevah Eve as she struggles into her teenage years. The past starts out as memories etching themselves as cobwebs; blending drama into dark smoky—ebbs appearing as silhouettes, and a past full of haunting, daunting life skeletons!

Heat-Running-Water-&-A-Bathroom is a passionate, poignant and enchanting story taking on a dramatic twist of fate and dilemmas that change life for each one of the ones who provoke fate, forever.

Cajoled by Dopamine at Conception & Beyond

Cajoled by Dopamine at Conception & Beyond