About the Author

Norah Wilson has profound faith & spiritual experience in God; married to chaplain (col.) ret., mother of 9! Norah is a prolific author of 5 books, written under the pen name of HEAT-RUNNING-WATER-&-A-BATHROOM. Norah is also a song writer, singer, entrepreneur of Godlight Music LLC; her online radio is 24/7 www.norahradio.tk. Norah is not hiding her light between the covers of her book as you marvel at the anointing gift God has given her. She speaks to your heart in a way that will assure your bond with your parents and your child (children) like never before! God gave this woman wisdom; she wrote with understanding; and she is sharing this book for you to read and you will be amazed. Norah Wilson is a strong-willed woman of God with a soft voice; a powerful message, the author that wrote this book is rocking the world like a mother rocks her child. This Author is like dynamite; what she knows is exploding into her book about your D.N.A. inside of you! God revealed to her, but only Norah can assure each of you how you are “CAJOLED BY DOPAMINE AT CONCEPTION & BEYOND!


Other Works

Before I Ever Saw Your Face

Dreams can be the very basic plans of life, disturbing the qualities of my five senses. I began witnessing many perplexing situations in life that would not relate to my common sense. A man speaks to me from standing at my side yet the shadow engulfs his body as he appears without a face! How can a man appear right beside me and have no face for me to see?

“Life is not how you make it, but how you dream it.” It seems to be a lesson well taught as the dream, and the events as in the dream unveil when I do see a face. Alone and suddenly caught up in the aura of love that for the moment seemed to have nothing to do with none of my five senses, yet I was so fully aware of being loved like I’ve never knew. Finally, seeing what was attracting me, it was not at all what I would ever guess could happen to me. But it did here in my soul, just like it was a dream, and then, realizing what was happening in my life was not only a dream, but just the beginning of “Souluos”—the spiritual joining of me with a man!

Joy is a dreamer. What if her dreams in the night, when her eyes are closed, do come true in her life with a man that has no emotions? Chemistry of a man’s love is a different kind of spirit that captures the heart of a woman this time. Even broad daylight is blind when God joins her in “Souluos.”


Heat Running Water & A Bathroom

Sometimes life gives a “keep-sake” after life takes what you held as “sake”, but won’t let you continue to keep.

Life has its way of repairing itself. The night is the time to heal the body of stress one breath at a time! Time heals all wounds! With time the wounds of the body, along with the broken hearted, mind, and soul are healed, repaired, and restored!

Heat-Running Water And A Bathroom, is a passionate and poignant journey of restless hearts, meeting up with faithlessness and broken promises. Seeing how life itself has a mind all it’s own.

Life is like the path of a single rain drop falling to the earth and flowing to the sea. Evaporating into thin air, hanging over our heads as blue skies, turning sometimes into dark ones! I hear somebody say, “it looks like rain!” While reading this exciting and unforgettable story, get an umbrella. Although, the sun is shining and there is laughter, the forecast calls for rain when love ignites the hearts of Al and Odessah!

Cajoled by Dopamine at Conception & Beyond

Cajoled by Dopamine at Conception & Beyond