Cajoled by Dopamine at Conception & Beyond

Life begins for us all at conception! The egg is penetrated by the sperm and then, within sixty-five seconds, forty-six chromosomes are cajoled by dopamine! The ecstatic high of dopamine sealed each one of our conceptions in a high of happiness that we all recall!

In the very instance called our zero hour, our life began and we not only saw the lights but we were that light spark of life. Life for us began at this point that our parents’ cells were sealed with a happiness called our first high.

Even before we had a heart, we had a forebrain that included the thymus gland in our cells when we were just a zygote. We all have a purpose in our DNA that responds to the very “cajoled by dopamine” high when our life cycle began at conception.

Our life begins with conception, cycling only around the thymus; and then in maturity, the hypothalamus gland! Every life cajoled by dopamine is remembered in a high of happiness that is shared only of this kind with our DNA parents!

Life begins at conception in a dopamine high that seals the two cells of the one male and his chosen female in a place that babies come from—heaven!

Come find out what a tank is and how it shoots an army into the highway of heaven. Find out what every child has, including you and yours, and what no child should be born without being cajoled by dopamine with what his DNA is searching for at birth and throughout its life!

Discover how two beautiful geraniums line the garden on each side of heaven. Only males can go to the pillars of heaven, kneeling in humbling minds at the doors of heaven that are called tulips! Find out that heaven is a place you either have as a female or a place you can love to go as a male.

Now that you are curiously amused, get a cup of peaceful tea and let’s read about how we all are cajoled by dopamine!

Cajoled by Dopamine at Conception & Beyond

Cajoled by Dopamine at Conception & Beyond