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Secrets are things done good or bad that turn our lives around, unlocking a hidden door of knowledge that change the path to the future. A secret is a door, opening a chance, waiting for change least expected in time! Everything has a purpose, and the sacredness of fate and destiny sheds light upon things done in clandestine. Follow closely where secrets are sacred, and a sinkhole once was a cave over a fault-line in the ground. Find out where the Church is a hospital for more than the living, but for the reborn; and realizing the church has another name for rapture; the Church has zoomed! Secrets. . . “Why? Why Not!”.



No one calls SpiritLight GodLight except this Author fascinated readers with “NOT YET” deathbed experience! “NOT YET” describes vividly the powers that inspires readers as their eyes will follow every word, turning page after page; yet there is a separation between a body (shell) and the spirit (life.) Readers will hunger for what is spiritual in this book, longing to see what is not within their vision.

Readers will always be interested in the “Spiritual;” that will still be “Spiritual,” even after they will witness the body is where we are; but not who we are! Readers are spirits bound in their bodies peering through the eye glass dimly. Imaginations of their mind’s eyes puzzled while reading “NOT YET”, hoping to understand what is, life in the Spirit; before and after the Spirit returns to its body, cajoling readers to read this book over again!



We all strive for validation & assurance that the “matter we occupy in space” really does matter! We stand for our own unique validation of approval; a light void from questionable debates of self-doubt, casting dark shadows from disbelief upon who we are and where we came from denial about when Our life of light begins! We all deserve PROOF!

PROOF is our evidence our argument establishing our truth in the statement “our life began at conception!” PROOF is our cogency of evidence that compels acceptation by our mind; evidence enough to establish this personal thing we each must rest assured of which is our truth in our beginning. (O.L.B.A.C.)

“PROOF” is your fact of life that has been overlooked, shunned and hushed up all our lives. Proof uncovers the fact of our “life-light” that began at our conception has been hidden under a cover of doubts, fear and the unknown and lastly simply ignorance until now. (O.L.B.A.C.) is the truth, the Holy Truth, so help me God; and God did help me and gave me the inspiration to write this book called “PROOF!”



Life begins for us all at conception! The egg is penetrated by the sperm and then, within sixty-five seconds, forty-six chromosomes are cajoled by dopamine! The ecstatic high of dopamine sealed each one of our conceptions in a high of happiness that we all recall!

In the very instance called our zero hour, our life began and we not only saw the lights but we were that light spark of life. Life for us began at this point that our parents’ cells were sealed with a happiness called our first high.

Even before we had a heart, we had a forebrain that included the thymus gland in our cells when we were just a zygote. We all have a purpose in our DNA that responds to the very “cajoled by dopamine” high when our life cycle began at conception.

Our life begins with conception, cycling only around the thymus; and then in maturity, the hypothalamus gland! Every life cajoled by dopamine is remembered in a high of happiness that is shared only of this kind with our DNA parents!

Life begins at conception in a dopamine high that seals the two cells of the one male and his chosen female in a place that babies come from—heaven!

Come find out what a tank is and how it shoots an army into the highway of heaven. Find out what every child has, including you and yours, and what no child should be born without being cajoled by dopamine with what his DNA is searching for at birth and throughout its life!

Discover how two beautiful geraniums line the garden on each side of heaven. Only males can go to the pillars of heaven, kneeling in humbling minds at the doors of heaven that are called tulips! Find out that heaven is a place you either have as a female or a place you can love to go as a male.

Now that you are curiously amused, get a cup of peaceful tea and let’s read about how we all are cajoled by dopamine!



Dreams can be the very basic plans of life, disturbing the qualities of my five senses. I began witnessing many perplexing situations in life that would not relate to my common sense. A man speaks to me from standing at my side yet the shadow engulfs his body as he appears without a face! How can a man appear right beside me and have no face for me to see?

“Life is not how you make it, but how you dream it.” It seems to be a lesson well taught as the dream, and the events as in the dream unveil when I do see a face. Alone and suddenly caught up in the aura of love that for the moment seemed to have nothing to do with none of my five senses, yet I was so fully aware of being loved like I’ve never knew. Finally, seeing what was attracting me, it was not at all what I would ever guess could happen to me. But it did here in my soul, just like it was a dream, and then, realizing what was happening in my life was not only a dream, but just the beginning of “Souluos”—the spiritual joining of me with a man!

Joy is a dreamer. What if her dreams in the night, when her eyes are closed, do come true in her life with a man that has no emotions? Chemistry of a man’s love is a different kind of spirit that captures the heart of a woman this time. Even broad daylight is blind when God joins her in “Souluos.”



Everyone has them; nightmares. Only a few of us live through them to find out that the fear goes away. Then you can began to dream pleasant dreams again. Nevah does just that when her childhood sweet heart divorces her and the nightmare begins. Suddenly she finds a man sleeping in her bed . . . this is no dream. The man wakes up to his dream woman . . . Nevah! Will Nevah find love this time as a dream like story unfolds and make you believe in your dreams again. Talk about a straight forward, dramatic Queen! Honor without Spirit tells of how Nevah gave her honor but the man didn’t give his spirit. That’s the first time around. She finally gets it together the 2nd time around with Gene!



Wintry snow driven days being perfect companions for pondering as Odessah finds her screaming thoughts; full of questions—like who is this handsome man in her bedroom? Where is Robert Link? Robert, her absent husband that is forever gone somewhere on the out skirts of her life under the skirts or in–between someone else’s bed sheets. Time mellows the hurts and soothes over the heartaches concerning her husband Robert; but Al takes Robert’s place as Odessah’s next tormentor. Unbelievable as well as being abusive, Al Jones takes over Odessah’s four small children also. As Odessah’s babies are conceived, birthed and toddle into childhood; Join Nevah Eve as she struggles into her teenage years. Nevah’s memories describing what is to be unforgettable barely believable story of strength mixed with her naïve virtue. The past starts out as memories etching themselves as cobwebs; blending drama into dark smoky—ebbs appearing as silhouettes, and a past full of haunting, daunting life skeletons! Nevah Eve is witty as well as charming in her own way; but who can deny her when she sets out to full-fill her dreams as HEAT-RUNNING-WATER & A BATHROOM presents . . . Cobwebs, Silhouettes and Skeletons.



Sometimes life gives a “keep sake” after life takes what you held as “sake,” but won’t let you continue to keep.

Life has its way of repairing its self. The night is the time to heal the body of stress one breath at a time. Time heals all wounds. With time the wounds of the body, along with the broken hearted, mind, and soul are healed, repaired, and restored.

Heat-Running-Water-&-A-Bathroom is a passionate, poignant and enchanting story taking on a dramatic twist of fate and dilemmas that change life for each one of the ones who provoke fate, forever.

Read of a journey of restless hearts, meeting up with faithlessness and broken promises. Seeing how life itself has a mind all its own! Life is like the path of a single rain drop falling to the earth flowing to the sea, evaporating into thin air, hanging over our heads, as blue skies, turning sometimes into dark ones! I hear somebody say, it looks like rain! While reading this exciting and unforgettable story, get an umbrella! Although, the sun is shining and there is laughter, the forecast calls for rain when love ignites the hearts of Al and Odessah!

Cajoled by Dopamine at Conception & Beyond

Cajoled by Dopamine at Conception & Beyond